Det probiotiske rengøringskoncept, er oprindeligt udviklet til hospitalrengøring og bruges i dag på mange hospitaler og plejehjem rundt om i Europa og resten af verden. 

Konceptet er gennemtestet både i forhold til effekt og sikkerhed:

Vandini et. al, 2014, studie:
“Microbial cleaning, as part of the daily cleaning protocol, resulted in a reduction of HAI-related pathogens by 50 to 89%. This effect was wchieved after 3-4 weeks and the reduction in the pathogen load was stable over time….we found that this effect was directly related to the new  procedure.”

Medical Sciences Group, St. Anne Hospital, 2013, studie
“…the mean overall percentage of reduction of pathogens by using the Chrisal PIP Probiotic Products protocol compared to the use of traditional disinfectants is more than a 70-80 % reduction in pathogens.”

Miami Jewish Hospital and Home, 2008, testrapport:
“Overall the Chrisal products performed in line with the claimed performance”…”it has been seen that harmful bacteria has been reduced to levels that do not show up on most testing.”

University of Ghent, 2007, studie:
“A significantly lower pathogen count was measured….
Total count: + 10%
Coliform count:
– 50%
S. aureus count:
– 80%
Clostridium count:
– 90%
…the obtained reduction in pathogen count remained stable during the full course of the PIP cleaning, indication the effective stabilization of the microbiota.”
“It can be concluded that the probiotic bacteria of the PIP products gradually take over the microbial ‘hospital ecosystem’ and replace the pathogenic organism.”


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